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Why: Serve?


Episode 8 of 9: Jesus didn't come for glory, honour or prestige, and yet that is what we find ourselves wanting. As followers of Jesus, we cannot lust for "power over" others. Instead, we need to understand the power of being a servant.
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Why: Give?


Episode 7 of 9: Jesus talks about money more than prayer. We, as a church, have a privilege and responsibility to manage what God has given us. We need to use what we are given to help make mission and vision become a reality.
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Why: Sacraments?


Episode 6 of 9: When we enter into a relationship with God, we begin participating in the sacraments, but why? They're often viewed as something done out of tradition, but it's important to understand it is really a reflection of a transformation within.
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Why: Preach?


Episode 5 of 9: When we hear someone preach, is it just a good speech or is it something more? Paul reminds us that preaching is not wise and persuasive speech but a demonstration of the Spirit's power, so that people will trust in God and not in man.
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Why: Sing?


Episode 4 of 9: When we gather as a church to worship, the importance of singing is often overlooked, yet it plays a vital role. When we sing together, we lift up the name of God, remember our identity in Christ and reach out to our neighbour.
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Why: Connect?


Episode 3 of 9: Where does loneliness come from? In Genesis, God said it isn't good for man to be alone. This is recognized before the fall, which tells us that loneliness is not a result of sin, but that we were built to need to connect with each other.
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Why: Disciple?


Episode 2 of 9: Before ascended into heaven, he told us to go and make disciples. But what does that mean? What is a disciple of Jesus and how to we make other people his disciple?
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Why: Gather?


Episode 1 of 9: Each of us has something to contribute when we gather together in worship; therefore, it is important for us to participate in our church, because when we don't, the whole body suffers.
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Why: Pray?


Episode 9 of 9: Chances are we are all familiar with the idea of prayer. It is happening all the time in the church. But why do we place so much value on it? An important thing to realize is that prayer is a conversation that leads to encounter with God.
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