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Roots: Reproduction Part 2


Episode 6 of 6: After new disciples are made, Jesus told His disciples to "teach them." After accepting the call to follow Jesus, how people grow as His disciples? What role do long time followers have in helping them grow? How did Jesus do it?
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Roots: Reproduction


Episode 5 of 6: Jesus called His disciples to "go and make" other disciples. Their obedience to that changed the world and history. Are we, His disciples, to do the same today? If so, what does that look like? What's at stake if we don't obey His call?
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Roots: Priesthood


Episode 4 of 6: Do some followers have an insider track on knowing God? Are some Christians more loved, qualified and called by God? How does being a follower of God affect our identity in Him? Have we considered that we are His priests?
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Roots: Students


Episode 3 of 6: Throughout the New Testament, Jesus is referred to as "Teacher". Anyone who follows Him is His disciple, and one of the characteristics of a disciple is to be a student, always learning from Jesus. How does learning from Jesus look today?
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Roots: Transformed


Episode 2 of 6: As Christians, we are called to become more like Jesus, but what does that look like? And more importantly, how is that accomplished? Do we just try harder, or does it take the work of God in our lives?
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Roots: Defined


Episode 1 of 6: We talk a lot about the importance of making disciples. As we kick off our new series, we define what discipleship means as we get back to the root of following Jesus.
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