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The weekly message from Deep Water Church in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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Missing: Faith


Episode 1 of 4: What happens when our faith goes missing? More importantly, how can we get it back when we do? This week AJ talks about what it means to have faith and where it comes from.
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Missing: Me


Episode 4 of 4: It's easy to get yourself lost. But do we always recognize when we are? Once we realize we're lost, what can we do to find our way again? This week Rob talks about the Prodigal Son and what it means to be lost yourself.
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Missing: Mission


Episode 3 of 4: What's the purpose of life? What is our mission in this world? Jesus lived on mission and invites us to be a part of that mission. But what happens when we get off mission. How do we know and how do we get back on track?
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Missing: Integrity


Episode 2 of 4: If there's one thing everyone hates it's hypocrites. But how do we avoid becoming hypocrites ourselves? Furthermore, how do we deal with the hypocrisy that's already in our lives?
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