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Jonah: A Humbled Heart


Episode 4 of 4: After experiencing God's grace in his life, Jonah was upset when other people got the same grace. He thought he deserved more grace from God because of his work. Are there people in your life that you think deserve less grace than you do?
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Jonah: An Obedient Heart


Episode 3 of 4: What can God do with a life that is fully surrendered to Him? What are we missing out on by not being in step with God's leading? Saying yes to God is pursuing a life that leads to eternal purposes and changes our lives as well as others.
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Jonah: A Repentant Heart


Episode 2 or 4: Why is it that we often need to hit rock bottom before we reach out to God, and even then, things don't necessarily get easier? In orienting our lives to God's will, we may not find immediate ease of life, but instead His purpose for us.
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Jonah: A Divided Heart


Episode 1 of 4: When God calls you to do something uncomfortable, requires a lot of faith or that you don't want to do, do you submit to His leading no matter what or do you run from Him? This sermon looks at what happens when we run from God's leading.
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