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James: In Conclusion


Episode 13 of 13: James calls the church to care for the believers to are wandering away. For us to do this we've got to be in meaningful community together beyond weekend gatherings.
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James: Prayer in Community


Episode 12 of 13: What good does prayer do? Does God listen to some people's prayers more than others? Does God want to heal everybody? This week Jerry looks at the end of James and the power of prayer to shape us.
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James: Comfortable Being Uncomfortable


Episode 11 of 13: James was encouraging the church to have patience and endurance and to put their hope in the fact that Jesus is returning with the fullness of the Kingdom of God and everything will be made right.
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James: Money, Rust, Moths, and Injustice


Episode 10 of 13: What has God entrusted to you? As Christians, it is important to realize that we do not own what we have but God has given everything to us, which means we need to use those possessions to help make the world look more like Heaven.
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James: So, about tomorrow...


James: So, about tomorrow...
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James: Who Do You Think You Are?


Episode 8 of 13: All of us have criticized and judged someone at some point and all of us have been criticized and judged. James talks about not letting the words we speak tear down and hurt the people around us.
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James: The Heart Of Community


Episode 7 of 13: This sermon explores why Christian community is important, what some of the barriers are to effective community and what to do to overcome those barriers.
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James: Two Kinds of Wisdom


Episode 6 of 13: There are two kinds of wisdom: Earthly wisdom leads to envy, bitter jealousy, selfishness and all kinds of evil. Godly wisdom, however, leads to peace, humility and righteousness. The way we live reflects the kind of wisdom we have.
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James: Taming the Tongue


Episode 5 of 13: We pass judgement quickly in our hearts and then those thoughts and opinions are on our tongues. Our tongue controls our body and it can cut and hurt. James says that if we could control our tongue, we could control our entire body.
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James: Who's In, Who's Out (Part 2)


Episode 4 of 13: Jon continues our series on James and focuses on faith and works and the difference between "getting your ticket" and beginning a life-long relationship.
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James: Who's In, Who's Out


Episode 3 of 13: As a church, we are called to never marginalize our neighbour. Instead, we are called to create an environment that reflects Heaven.
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James: My Beliefs, My Life


Episode 2 of 13: The book of James is heavy and controversial. It asks heavy and convicting questions, one of them being: do your actions take you in the same direction as your claimed beliefs? If we want to be a certain way, we have to work to get there.
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James: Faith and Endurance


Episode 1 of 13: In his letter, James tells us to rejoice in our suffering. What does this mean and what does it look like?
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