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The weekly message from Deep Water Church in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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Gaps: Service


Episode 4 of 4: The Bible talks about how faith without action isn't really faith at all. But how do you act and serve God without turning your faith into some kind of work-based, earned salvation? This week Bryan Wiens has you covered.
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Gaps: Doubt


Episode 3 of 4: Doubts; we all have them. But does that make us bad Christians? What are we supposed to do with doubt? Furthermore, does having doubt mean we don't have faith?
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Gaps: Self-Righteousness


Episode 2 of 4: This week Deb Wong talks about proclivity to think we can somehow improve on God's plan for our lives and how to avoid falling into the obvious and dangerous trap of thinking we're mostly good enough on our own.
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Gaps: Holiness


Episode 1 of 4: For so many of us, we consider believing in Jesus the end of our faith. But what if belief is just the beginning? What if there's more to our faith? This week Jerry talks about holiness and what it means for us today.
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