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Follow: Love


Episode 7 of 7: In Scripture we're told that God is love. Not just that he's loving or loves us, but that he is love itself. Does that mean that every experience of love is an encounter with God or that ever encounter with God is an experience with love?
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Follow: Patience


Episode 6 of 7: For many of us, we have this preconceived notion that God is always mad or that he's just looking for a reason to get upset at us. But is that true? The Bible says that God is patience, but what does that mean?
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Follow: Holy


Episode 5 of 7: People use the word "holy" all the time. Holy buckets, holy cow. But what does it mean when we say God is holy? What does it mean to encounter God's holiness?
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Follow: Faithfulness


Episode 4 of 7: This week Jerry teaches us what it means for God to be faithful to us. Is he really faithful? Are there things we can do to make him stop being faithful? How far does his faithfulness to us go?
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Follow: Good


Episode 3 of 7: Christians often like to talk how God is good. But what does that mean? And how do we talk about a good God in the midst of all of the hurt and pain in life?
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Follow: Transcendent


Episode 2 of 7: When we talk about who God is, we really have to start with the realization that God is so much bigger than us, so much greater than us, so totally different than us. God is ultimately unknowable aside from what he chooses to reveal to us.
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Follow: God


Episode 1 of 7: As we kick off our Follow series, it's important to remember who it is that we follow. Deep Water doesn't ultimately follow AJ or Jon or Jerry or Geoff, ultimately we follow God.
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