Deep Water Church Halifax

The weekly message from Deep Water Church in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Rich in Generosity

Rich in Generosity: Beyond My Wallet


Episode 3 of 3: Is it possible to live generously when we don't have a lot of money? Does the currency of generosity go beyond dollars and cents? This sermon looks at how when we live lives of generosity, we find real, genuine and full life.

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Rich in Generosity: Above and Beyond


Episode 2 of 3: Jesus talks more about money and possessions than Heaven and Hell combined. Why? Could it be possible that tithing isn't so much about giving money than it is about the condition of our hearts? Can we trust God with absolutely everything?

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Rich in Generosity: I Am a Manager


Episode 1 of 3: When it comes to our financial wealth, whose is it? Who calls the shots for where it should go? Is it possible we are in charge of it? Why do we tithe at church and what do the words "tithes" and "offerings" mean?

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