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The weekly message from Deep Water Church in Halifax, Nova Scotia.


Philippians: Part 9


Episode 9 of 9: Jon wraps up our series on Philippians talking about the last half of chapter 4.

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Philippians: Part 8


Episode 8 of 9: Can unity only be found when all of us agree? What about those times when we disagree with each other? Furthermore, how are we supposed to find joy in the midst of those disagreements?

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Philippians: Part 7


Episode 7 of 9: What does it really mean to be spiritually mature? Many think it means to know all the answers and therefore have less room for mystery in our relationship with God. Thinking this ironically shows a lack of spiritual maturity.

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Philippians: Part 6


Episode 6 of 9: One serious question we need to wrestle with is: what is at the centre of our universe and has everything in our life oriented around? Is it our children? Our job? Ourselves? Another question is: does this thing or person bring true joy?

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Philippians: Part 5


Episode 5 of 9: When it comes to giving our lives to Jesus, are we actually giving our whole lives? And if we aren't, why not?

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Philippians: Part 4


Episode 4 of 9: Attitudes are contagious. Whatever attitude we carry will impact our home, our friends and our community. Paul wrote to his friends in Philippi and talks about how attitude affects unity.

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Philippians: Part 3


Episode 3 of 9: In his last letter to his friends before facing his death, Paul brings up the issue of unity several times. This sermon looks at the thing Paul felt was so important that he wrote about it in the last letter he wrote on this earth.

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Philippians: Part 2


Episode 2 of 9: Do we know and understand what love is well enough to properly show it to each other? In his letter to Philippi, Paul gives advice and direction on how to love in a way that is beneficial to others.

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Philippians: Part 1


Episode 1 of 9: This week we looked at the introduction of the letter Paul wrote to the Philippians and will continue to unpack it over the next eight weeks.

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