Deep Water Church Halifax

The weekly message from Deep Water Church in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Breakups and Breakdowns

Breakups and Breakdowns: Unity


Episode 5 of 5: We always gravitate toward people with whom we have things in common. How do we realize the unity we have in Christ beyond the national, social or economic differences we sometimes have with each other?

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Breakups and Breakdowns: Redemption


Episode 4 of 5: We've all been hurt in the past. Obviously we're supposed to forgive people, but what do we do after that? How does God redeem our stories and use them to make us better?

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Breakups and Breakdowns: Parenting


Episode 3 of 5: How do you raise kids to grow up to know, love and serve God? What does it mean to be a godly parent? Special guest David Drury talks about the importance of raising your kids to love Jesus.

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Breakups and Breakdowns: Forgiveness


Episode 2 of 5: No matter who you are, you've probably been hurt in a relationship before. But what are you supposed to do after that? How are you supposed to move on or heal from the hurt you experienced?

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Breakups and Breakdowns: Trust


Episode 1 of 5: We all know you can't go through life all by yourself. But how do you know who to trust? Furthermore, what does it mean to be a trustworthy person?

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