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Easter Weekend: The Death and Resurrection of God Part 3


Episode 3 of 3: In the third part of our Easter Weekend series, we ask what the resurrection means to us. Is it something we believe actually happened? Are we being intellectually responsible and exploring all the evidence for the resurrection of Jesus?

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Jesus' Triumphal Entry


Episode 1 of 1: Jerry explores Jesus' entry into Jerusalem and what the Jews at that time thought it meant. It brings three questions to us now: Do we recognize Jesus as King? Do we follow Him as King? Do we understand the Kingdom He is building?

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Rich in Generosity: Beyond My Wallet


Episode 3 of 3: Is it possible to live generously when we don't have a lot of money? Does the currency of generosity go beyond dollars and cents? This sermon looks at how when we live lives of generosity, we find real, genuine and full life.

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Rich in Generosity: Above and Beyond


Episode 2 of 3: Jesus talks more about money and possessions than Heaven and Hell combined. Why? Could it be possible that tithing isn't so much about giving money than it is about the condition of our hearts? Can we trust God with absolutely everything?

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Rich in Generosity: I Am a Manager


Episode 1 of 3: When it comes to our financial wealth, whose is it? Who calls the shots for where it should go? Is it possible we are in charge of it? Why do we tithe at church and what do the words "tithes" and "offerings" mean?

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Made New: How


Episode 4 of 4: When you come to the realization that you need to and can be made new, what are the next steps? Jerry talks about how we are free from the sin in our flesh and what it means to walk in the Spirit of God.

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Made New: Solomon


Episode 3 of 4: Even though Solomon was the wisest man to ever live next to Jesus, he still made a lot of big mistakes. While he knew better, he thought he could live outside God's rules. But no matter how far he or we can fall, there's still redemption.

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Made New: Paul


Episode 2 of 4: Paul is the author of several profound theological letters and is a major figure in Christian history; however, this same man, earlier in his life, zealously and brutally persecuted the church. His story shows that God can make anyone new.

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Made New: David


Episode 1 of 4: We all know what it's like to make poor decisions or tell a lie. To cover it up, we continue making poor decisions and lies until we're in a hole we can't get out of. Can we be redeemed? David was, and he committed adultery and murder.

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Prayer: The Results of Prayer


Episode 3 of 3: What can we expect when we pray? Can we expect God to answer "yes" to all that we pray, and if He doesn't, is it because the prayer wasn't important? What kinds of things should we pray for? What is the point of prayer?

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