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Prayer: The Language of Prayer


Episode 1 of 3: When you know someone well, the conversation is easy, familiar and has depth. When we pray, how does it sound? Is it a conversation between old friends? Is it comfortable? Or would you rather not do it? Do you struggle with how to start?

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Do They Know It's Christmas: A Baby


Episode 4 of 5: Everything about Christmas is really leading up to a moment. The moment when the baby Jesus is born and the world celebrates a whole new reality. How do you understand what happened on Christmas morning?

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Christmas: A History


Episode 3 of 5: The Christmas season has always been filled with stories. It didn't start as a marketing idea, a legend or even a baby being born in a manger. This sermon takes a look at the significance of everything leading up to Jesus' birth.

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Scholar Series: Greg Monette Lecture


Greg Monette gives a lecture on "what needs to be true for Christianity to be true." He addresses questions such as who Christ was, His resurrection, how reliable Scripture is and much more.

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Christmas: A Promise


Episode 1 of 5: One of the most exciting parts of Christmas is the anticipation leading up to it. Imagine the anticipation Mary, a virgin, felt when an angel told her she was going to have a baby, and that baby would be God's Son, who reigns over all.

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Make It: Loud


Episode 2 of 2: We have so much to be thankful for, and not just for what God has done, but for who He is. Our response to God will always be shaped by how we see HIM and ME. Are we seeing God as He is? Are we responding to who He is and what He's done?

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Make It: Quiet


Episode 1 of 2: Early in our Christian walk, God is usually pretty loud and we hear Him quite easily. But there comes a time when it seems more difficult to hear Him. Do we want to hear Him? Are we afraid He doesn't have anything to say?

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Roots: Reproduction Part 2


Episode 6 of 6: After new disciples are made, Jesus told His disciples to "teach them." After accepting the call to follow Jesus, how people grow as His disciples? What role do long time followers have in helping them grow? How did Jesus do it?

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Roots: Reproduction


Episode 5 of 6: Jesus called His disciples to "go and make" other disciples. Their obedience to that changed the world and history. Are we, His disciples, to do the same today? If so, what does that look like? What's at stake if we don't obey His call?

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Installation Sunday with HC Wilson


Dr. H.C. Wilson joined us to perform Jon's installation and also spoke on Mark 6:45, Jesus walking on water, and the events leading up to that point. What can we learn from Jesus' behaviour in good and bad situations? What does that tell us about God?

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